I was somehow involved in compiling CDs and writing their accompanying notes for one or two reissue labels before I became a professional writer. I always felt more of an historian than a ‘music journalist’ and I’ve been lucky in being able to have focus on things historical from before my journalism career (1994-2001) began and long after it ended. Most of the ‘heritage CD’ projects I get involved in now are labour of love affairs (in fact, they mostly always were). Most of them these days are in collaboration with Brian O’Reilly at Hux Records – simply because he’s a good bloke and we have a great laugh on the phone. He’s also a chap, like me, who really cares about going the extra mile with releases where possible.  But I’ve worked with various labels in the past and here you’ll find some info on a few examples from the past 10 years.

Colin Harper, September 2001